Whoever invented beer deserves to be ranked among the greatest men or women on earth.

This is the thought in many people who enjoy the wise waters.

My nephew Lazzie’s wife however believes the person who invented beer should be sued as he or she nearly killed breakfast for her children.

Lazzie left home in the morning, 9am, telling his wife that he was going to buy bread and other things for breakfast.

He was in shorts and sandals and left his cellphone as he was just going to a nearby shopping centre and in 30 minutes he was supposed to be back.

Before he got into a supermarket he heard a hooting sound and looked back. He saw his homies from work having drinks early that morning.

He indicated that he was buying breakfast for his family and as he was about to leave they offered him one beverage.

He initially declined but they persuaded him to have one and he agreed. One became two and the rest is history.

At home, his wife as always had a plan B and sorted breakfast for the kids. She could not call him as he had left the phone at home.

Lazzie returned home at around 7pm with a bottle of whisky in his hand. He tried to give an explanation of what had happened but the wife could not take any of it.

As punishment she ordered him to go and bring the breakfast he had said he was going to buy.

In that drunken stupor he forced his way out and managed to get to the supermarket and unfortunately bread had ran out.

As he was on his way back home, he came across his friends from his pool club who drove him to another braii area for further drinking.

He had to be dropped at home around midnight.

His wife refused to open the door for him and made him sleep on the veranda.