FIRST dates are crucial.

For me this is a make or break. I know you may ruin it it on the first date and get a second chance but you may blow it forever so you don’t need to take chances.

This is a day you both have to remember and certainly you would want that person to have the best memories.

She is going to be talking to her friends, updating them of how things are going on and it has to be on your side.

The dating game is shifting and guys, there are some things you must have, especially in your pocket.

There are many things one can have on this day and you are free to add.

Take note of the following and thank me later!


  1. Gum

Dude, you don’t need to have bad breath on the first date. Whose daughter will you kiss with bad smell from your mouth? (kunhuwa mukanwa)

2. Money

This is a must have, MONEY, CASH. You can’t go on a date without anything in your pockets. My guy, she may not want your money but you should have capacity to pay bills. This is Zim and you must have a little bit of cash not just your credit card or mobile money, the networks may ruin it for you. Imagine getting your card declined, it does not give a good impression. Get a few notes as back-up.

3. Clean underwear

You never know where it leads and your clean and best underwear is a must. I think to both ladies and gents. You certainly don’t want to be caught off guard.

4.  Condoms

Remember sex on the first date exist and you have to show that you’re a responsible person. SFU is dangerous. SFU is street lingo of having it raw, (Straight From the Underwear) . We may not agree on this subject of sex on first date but this is a story for another day.  Things are changing and we should not rule it off. However, my homies call it ‘kuvhima ne munyu muhomwe’.


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