Don’t be fooled

SOCIAL media has drastically changed the communication space.

Whether we like it or not it is here to stay and we have to embrace it with various social media platforms in existence such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many others.

It carries with it a number of benefits and at the same time some negatives. I can go on and on on this but this is a story for another day.

While we are on it, we ought not to lose ourselves just to please our followers.

These people are not our relatives or friends and we don’t owe them anything and they don’t even care.

Don’t let social media fool you, sway you from your norms, values and beliefs just to please followers or doing it for the likes.

Have it mind that social media is a place where people exhibit lives they don’t live.

It has become a place where some bad things, behaviour and loose morals have been made to look clean just for the likes.

Don’t fall into the pit in trying to impress someone there, they don’t care.

To be continued!!!





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