Some people can be dramatic!

Why didn’t you tell me you were getting married? You married her five months after breaking up with me, so you were cheating on me with her?

Who told you people can’t date and marry in five months? And above all do I owe you an explanation or an update?

These are some of the questions you get when you have a, I hate to say this but, crazy ex.

A friend of mine woke to similar questioning after his wedding, with an ex asking “Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?” and the follow up was “send me pics from your wedding” .

“My friend send your wedding invitation card saying she hoped to see my name on it but alas another woman’s name.” So what?

Why should he invite you to his wedding or why should he sent you the pics?

But as a God fearing man these are some of the responses I give but only in my mind and not saying them aloud just for the fear of being labelled rude.

Watch out for more on this subject.




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