I usually don’t want to write about relationships because I’m no expert but on another note, it’s not a crime to share my opinion.

Today I’m not sharing a relationship story but some thoughts .

Some people are single while some are in relationships whether good or bad it’s still a relationship.

Truth be told, it’s everyone’s wish to be in a good relationship, a kind of relationship that someone relaxes, enjoys and be comfortable, not one that he/she has to think about every single thing.

There are so many single people on social media or rather who claim to be single, whether it’s true or not it’s them who know.

So many fine looking gents and ladies who on a daily basis remind many of their singleness.

Looking at their posts one thing for sure is they want someone in their lives but are yet to find the best for them.

Speaking to some, they are being discouraged by seeing their mates in bad relationships and to them it is better to be single than being in a loveless relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship.

“I don’t think someone will die by being single,” a friend said to me. She added, “What’s the point of being in a toxic relationship just because you want keep up appearances, just because you worry what people will say when you no longer post his pics on I.G?”

A healthy relationship is everyone’s dream. A kind of relationship that people go on nice dates, enjoy each other’s company, a relationship where people fight but quickly mend among many desirable things.

If you are getting into a new relationship, take time for self examination and ask yourself the pertinent questions such as weren’t you the toxic person in that relationship? What is it that you did right or wrong? and try to right those wrongs otherwise you will carry the toxicity into the next relationship or you will fall in similar pits as the previous one.

I hope you all enjoying your relationships or working to improve them. I’m not a fan of breakups, work on your relationships up until you come to a point of irreconcilable differences, then move on.

At times if you don’t work on your union you will be in and out of relationships like getting into the loo till you get tired and reach a point you will feel it as unnecessary.

Till we meet again, happy reading!





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