A book that can change you

EACH month I strive to have a book to read and from each book I try to come up with a lesson.

Reading wide is something that I learnt from a tender age, something my old man still encourages up to now.

If I don’t get a book, the Bible will always be there.

Last month I stumbled upon ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ and it’s only 32 pages.

Trust me, it’s not about quantity but quality when it comes to this book. What you will read will surely give you something to think about. There are several life changing quotes some of which I have included in this write up.

There is sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw and I’m sure you will find a character that suits you.

It is one book that deals with the subject of change in almost all the aspects of your life. We are afraid of change or taking risks hoping that things will remain as they are.

If you read, you will come across this question “What would you do if you were not afraid? and if you answer the question then you know what to do.

The truth is things change and when they change what will be your reaction? Will you be able to adjust to the new change or you will just sit and hope that things will return to where they were, denial?

It might be change in you job, marriage/relationship, family or whatever, how are you going to handle it? Will you be able to move on? and the book advises “The quicker you let go of  old cheese the sooner you find new cheese”

No matter how things look, somehow they are going to change and “smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old”.

The idea is do not get too comfortable in a situation, always expect change and  “If you do not change you become extinct”.

I can go on and on but I would encourage you to find time and read it.

Up to now, I’m yet to answer some of the questions that were raise. I’m looking at myself and I have noticed the mistakes that I have or I’m making.

(image:Google http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/aSGuest52461-430118-moved-cheese-book-review-ppt-education-powerpoint/)


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