IF I could meet God one day I would ask Him a lot of things about women.

Trust me, they are difficult to understand and when they conclude something it will be difficult to talk them out of it.

No one actually knows what will be going on in their minds.

They were created that way and no one can change it and all we can do is to embrace it.

Their relationship with men is always a complicated but exciting journey.

More often than not, they suspect that their men will be up to mischief when they are away from them, mainly cheating.

Many times she will have a conversation by herself and always and always believe that her man is up to something even without evidence. It is in them to think that way and we cannot blame them, no matter how strong she tries to portray herself, at one point she has those thoughts that bae is up to something.

Not that men don’t cheat but not all of them and not all the times.

Several women believe in the old adage that men just like kids if they go silent they are up to no good. Yes but not all the times.

Trust issues, insecurities, NO, its nature!

There are many things that men will be doing besides cheating.

This is soccer world cup period and at times despite having a full satellite subscription, he enjoys the game with his peers, the arguments in a sports clubs or pub, betting among other stuff that he cannot do at home alone.

A number of women hate soccer and to avoid competition for the television remote control, he will give you all the space and watch the game with his peers. Trust me, he can be silent for 3 hours. Not because he is up to mischief but the game’s preview, during and post-match review.  A place where boys can be boys.

Allay your fears, call him and all you hear maybe noise. If he doesn’t answer, probably he doesn’t hear it ring because of the noise.

Men just like kids maybe doing something dumb, while you will be thinking he is taking off another woman’s pants.

Playing a TV game is one of the things grown men will be doing. There are many FIFA addicts, something he will probably not do at home with kids but at his peer’s place.

I know of a group of grown men who meet for FIFA at Joina City in town and it is no doubt among them, one’s wife will be suspecting something.

One of my homies and his crew enjoy watching fish at the Harare Garden fish pond. One day his wife called and he told her that he was at the Harare Garden watching the fish.

She could not believe that a grown men would do something ‘silly’ as that and her question was what are you doing there and with who?

Again who would believe that her man is doing something, for the lack of a better word, as dumb as feeding fish in a fish pond at the Harare Gardens? But, yes it happens and you need to forgive him. He can’t lie to you, believe him.

There are many ‘dumb’ things that men do and not been cheating!!!


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