#30DayAfriBlogger Challenge A Blessing

The #30DayAfriBlogger challenge is one of the best things that have happened to me in as far as writing is concerned.

It was indeed a challenge as the month of September had other commitments that needed to be completed by month-end.

It however came with its benefits, teaching me how to manage my time.

It made me write about some issues I thought I wouldn’t write about, expressing my opinions.

Some of my views have raffled some feathers but I believe that is the goal of writing, FEEDBACK!

Some have messaged me saying I have written about them yet in some instances I wouldn’t be on their case.

I’m one or two posts behind because of some pressures in life but I will be doing them. I have to complete all the 30 posts.

The pressure moved me from the comfort zone.

Above all, the stats on my blog have improved. I have gained more followers and gained more views on my posts.

Before the challenge I would go for more than a month without posting anything but after this, I feel the edge to do a post daily.

I now have a loyal following that look forward to my posts and if I don’t post anything, they even message me asking me what would have caused it.

This is the last day of the challenge but this is not the last post from me.

More are coming! Look forward for more thought provoking articles.

Happy reading!



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