. . . Solve issues when you are alive

CHILDREN are innocent and how they were or are born is not their business.

Some children have been born out of wedlock and it is not their fault, they did not apply to be born that way.

They have had tags attached on them such as illegitimate child and again it is unfortunate.

Many times they have found it hard to bond with children who are regarded as legitimate. On this one I usually blame the parents, let your other child be known no matter how difficult it will be to be accepted.

Let it be a bitter pill to swallow, as long as the truth is out in the open.

Some people are not open to their spouses that have sired a child out of wedlock and usually keep this a secret until death.

It is then, at the funeral, that some uncle mentions that the deceased had a child and try to incorporate him or her in the family.

The father is no longer there to explain what happened and it unfair to the child, the other children and their mother.

Women are usually blamed for forcing these children out but, without justifying them, what do you expect them to do?

She had been in the dark all along and is expected to pretend all is well and business as usual.

Issues of children should be resolved when everyone is alive and no third parties to corroborate.

I also got an interesting view from my peers.

They say issues of pride come into play, with women boasting that they would raise the child alone. However problems will arise when the child demands to know his father and that is when she starts initiating contact and it will not be easy.

It is Day26 #30DayAfriBlogger Challenge and the topic is children born out of wedlock.

My view is let issues of children be resolved when all the parties are alive.

I will give examples of our local celebrities who died and after that children arise claiming they were responsible.

The late musician Simon Chimbetu is an example.

When the musician died several issues of children coming out claiming to be his children became to surface.

First came out the issue of Chamu Boroma then later one Paddy Kamusakara came out saying they were the late singer’s children.

The singer is now late and there is no one to corroborate their story.

I remember reading stories in the Sunday Mail about Kamusakara. At first he was given a chance to explain his side and the following week, it was another story that he was a fraud.

Simon’s brother Allan is in a fix, being asked to connect all the dots but again he was not there when the other parties were procreating.

Whether these tow have true claims or not, no one knows, the alleged father is no longer there.

The issues were not resolved when the said father was alive.

You cannot expect the late Simon’s children such as Suluman to open doors for these guys. It is unfair to them that they did not know about this and I believe they should be forgiven.

In another case, when Tongai Moyo died some came out saying he was the singer’s son and he calls himself Tongai Junior.

Again, he tells his story but there is no one to support it. The said father is not there. In as far as he might claim that Tongai’s other children are closing him out, they should be forgiven because they too didn’t know.


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